Why throw away or

destroy your office furniture when

it can have a second life in a Non-Profit

Organisation or school?

Relieve Furniture

Do you have spare

office items?

School, charity or NPO

looking for items?

We help connect the Non-Profit

community and the Corporate world to

build a more circular economy

At Relieve, we partner and support companies to identify unwanted items and connect them with our charity, school and non-profit organisation network.

Doing this, we offer businesses the ability to drive a positive impact from unwanted office supplies, reduce waste and create a more circular economy through our marketplace. Helping companies reach their Sustainability and Corporate social responsibility (CSR) aims.

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Relieve Furniture - What we do
More than just a connecting platform

21, 000

Items Successfully Rehoused

1.7K Tonnes

of Co2 emissions saved

2 Million +

£’s Saved for Charities

The final collection went well.

The Relieve process was very smooth, everything was great and I’m very glad we were able to support and partner with yourselves in this way. We’ll have some more furniture in the coming months so we’ll reach out as soon as we can.

Eleni Apostolou from Sotheby's speaking about Relieve Furniture

Eleni Apostolou


Our Process

We’ve identified a simple 5 Step process for companies to successfully turn excess furniture and supplies into positive social impact and achieve their sustainability targets

Relieve Furniture - Our process

We prepare the inventory with the donating business so the items can be listed on our marketplace. Other key information such as stock-release dates, pick-up location(s) and more is confirmed.

2Shout Out

Notifications including “go live” dates for available stock are circulated by email to our registered charity, school and NPO network.


Once items have been chosen on our marketplace by one of our members, booking and purchasing fee payments are handled via our platform and the pickup T&Cs are reconfirmed.


A Booking Report is provided by Relieve to all parties.


Items are collected by the requesting members, who are given the relevant collection information with confirmed pick up location. A unique ID code is given to each party to be presented at collection.


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